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GPS guides you to pest-free living in Missoula

Have you noticed something out of the corner of your eye as it scurried across the floor? Or perhaps you’ve awoken to scratching and scuttling behind the walls? Maybe you just dislike the sight of spiders as much as we do. Whatever pest problem plagues your Missoula home or business, rely on professional extermination services from Guardian Pest Solutions.

With years of business experience with both residential and commercial pest control in Missoula, Montana, Guardian Pest Solutions knows how to rid your home and business of pests and keep it that way. We offer superior customer service and return all calls within 24 hours. For quality bug control and pest control services in Missoula, Montana from an experienced exterminator, call Guardian Pest Solutions today!

AMAZING PEOPLE TO WORK WITH!!!!! Seriously the kindest people you will meet. Great family business! And then to add on top of that they do Amazing work! They come soon show up On time and get the job done in great time. None of that clearing your whole schedule for the day not knowing when they are going to show up.. and then taking all day to do it! Quick easy and painless! Huge bonus knowing the stuff they use is natural and safe for my dog to be in the house! Very knowledgeable and informative! Great price for phenomenal job well done! Definitely will recommend and Will be using them in the future.

Taylor C.

Four steps to identify a pest control problem in your home and business

It is estimated that there are 10 quintillion insects alive at any time. Chances are, some of them have found their way into your home or business in Missoula, MT. Pest control starts with you, the owner, and ends with a professional exterminator from Guardian Pest Solutions. Follow these four simple steps to identify and eradicate a pest problem in your home or business.
1.       Check your property inside and out – Starting with the inside of your home, the basement is a typical area where you can find signs of activity for spiders or hobo spiders.  If you are seeing any funnel webs in corners or along the wall, this might be a sign that you have some hobo spiders. Also check the exterior of your home for wasp nests, ant mounds and areas of disintegrating wood, which can also be a sign of carpenter ants
2.       Notice insect or animal remains – You don’t need to see a live pest to know one has been there. Look for droppings, wings, small holes in wood, or webs around the foundation. Any of these signs possibly indicate pests are in your home and you need an exterminator in Missoula.
3.       Pay attention to live pests – Seeing an occasional spider in the house or in the back yard doesn't always mean you need pest control or insect control. However, if you begin to notice pests more frequently, or you continuously see the same kind of insect, that may be a warning sign of infestation.
4.       Call Guardian Pest Solutions – At GPS, we know how to identify probable locations where pests are entering your home and, more importantly, eradicate the problem and prevent future infestations. For bug control in business and residential pest control in Missoula, MT, call the expert exterminators at GPS. Even if you haven’t noticed insects, it is a good idea to have your home and business protected by an exterminator to ensure adequate pest control.

Call today for insect control in your Missoula home and business

Aside from the unpleasant sight of them, pests can ravage your home and business. Insects and animals will ruin food storage areas. Wasps, spiders and other poisonous pests pose physical threat to you and your family. If left neglected, carpenter ant infestations can literally cause major damage to the wood structure of your home or business. That’s why it is important to get quality pest control and insect control for your home or business. Call Guardian Pest Solutions today to schedule an appointment with a professional exterminator in Missoula, Montana.

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